Recovery Workout #1

I sort of lost track of posting this second workout! Sorry guys! Toe update: doing a lot better! I’m regaining the back and forth motion in my big toe, and I am back to my normal workout routine.

The first workout I posted was the one that I relied on most for the first two weeks (with some minor changes here and there). Once I got the dressing off and staples out, and I was able to put some weight on my foot again, I did this workout (or one similar to it).  This started to help me get my heart rate back up and incorporate a little cardio back into my routine.

Recovery Workout 

Repeat each set 3 times. Alternatively, you can set a timer and complete each set for a certain number of minutes (8, 10, 12 …) Use 5-8 lb weights for the upper body exercises.

Set 1:

  • 30 alternating side lunges
  • 15 squat to shoulder press
  • 15 pushups (on knees)
  • 15 ladder crunches

Set 2:

  • 15 jumping jacks
  • 15 side lunges each side
  • 15 upright rows
  • 15 rowers (military style sit-ups)

Set 3:

  • 30 alternating High Knee Pull
  • 30 speed squats
  • 15 tricep kick backs
  • 15 leg lifts

Set 4:




Toe Surgery and Non-Weight Bearing Workout #1

It’s been many months on the blog quiet front, but one of my resolutions is to change that!
So, two weeks ago I had toe surgery. I had arthritic spurs on my right big toe joint that caused me a lot of pain when I exercised, walked, ran, etc. It kept getting worse until I finally decided to go see a highly recommended orthopedic foot surgeon at the Rothman Institute – Dr. Raikin. I originally thought that I had a bunion, but he quickly set the record straight. Here’s more information on the surgery I got. The official recovery time was two weeks. During that time I had a big bandage on my foot, 9 staples in my toe, and I was supposed to keep it elevated 23 hours a day. Now, as you can probably tell, I’m super active  – and all of the sitting around drove me crazy. Within a few days, I was getting out of the house some, but I was walking well under 1,000 steps (200 on some days), and I’m use to walking 10,000 plus.


Naturally, by Day 5, I had managed to come up with some workouts that I could do, and I want to share them with you here. I was able to put some weight on my foot, but all of my early workouts were non-weight bearing.  These workouts were *NOT* the same intensity (obviously) as I was used to, but they were sufficient to keep me moving some, and without any weight gain (during the holidays, no less!)


50 min non-weight bearing workout:

Seated “cardio” –  25 minutes (I repeated this 5 times, which took approx 25 minutes. I kept my foot elevated during this entire sequence.)

  • 25 raise the roof (both hands)
  • 50 raise the roof (alternating hands)
  • 25 punches to the right
  • 25 punches to the left
  • 50 alternating punches to the front
  • 25 side bends to each side (arms straight overhead)
  • 25 small arm circles front, then 25 to the back
  • 25 large arm circles front, then 25 to the back

Body weight circuit. Repeat each 2 times before moving on to the next circuit. Or, go through the entire circuit once, then repeat. (Repeat more than twice to extend workout).

  • Abs: (sub out any of these for your favorite crunches)
  • Lower Body:
  • Upper Body: (I used 8 lb weights. I did most of these seated, and I even elevated my leg during most of them.)
    • 15 bicep curls
    • 15 shoulder presses
    • 15 upright rows
    • 15 tricep press backs
    • 15 bent over rows each side (I stayed seated and literally bent down.)
    • 15 pushups (on knees)


Try it out and let me know what you think! What other exercises have you done when you were injured?


Bangkok (and another hotel room workout)

I have learned a few things about Bangkok so far in my short time here:

1. Tons of traffic
2. Cabs are super cheap
3. I can’t quite figure it out. Not super great for tourists it seems?


4. I am expert at crossing the street after being in Southeast Asia for 3 weeks.

Tonight is our last night here. We are going to have a super expensive drink at Sky Bar (from Hangover 2). Then, we are going to dinner at a place called Mazzaro Cafe. Perhaps we will hit up a night market after.

Between afternoon activities and drinks/dinner, I got a quick workout in our “sitting room” at the hotel. I used the Round Timer App and set it for 25 one minute rounds with 20 seconds rest in between. It was about 34 minutes.

I did three sets of:
1. Deep Squats
2. Jacks
3. Alternating Lunges
4. Squat Jumps
5. Push-ups
6. Burpees
7. Dips
8. Abs – pick your favorite or switch it each time
For my final 25th round, I did an extra minute of abs.

No equipment necessary. I was a hot, sweaty mess afterwards which I consider to be successful.

Today’s Vacation Workout of the Day

After breakfast today, we set up shop back at our beach beds from yesterday. It is just so fabulous to be on vacation and have nowhere to be. I read, had a mojito, and just relaxed with the fabulous view.

We do have plans this afternoon though, so before I ate lunch, I hightailed it to the gym for a super sweaty 50 minute workout that I found back on Fitnessista. Jess did it with me, and followed it pretty closely. I subbed lat pull downs for pull-ups, and we did 6 rounds of the HIIT Blitz – 3 on the bike and 3 on the stair stepper. Why did the stepper become out of style? It’s killer!

We were hot and sweaty and ready for our Thai cooking class and beach drinking fun at Chaweng Beach later on!


Southeast Asia!

Hello from Ko Samui in Thailand!! I have been traveling for almost 2 weeks and have managed to get in a few actual workouts in hotel rooms and a couple super active days filled with biking or temple exploring.
We have also had quite a few days where we weren’t so active – because we were on a boat or traveling. Today, we laid around at the beach all day, but we are staying at an awesome resort with a fitness center (with equipment that includes free weights and TRX bands) in addition to the ample room we have in our two bedroom villa that has a private pool. Since our next stop after this is roughing it at a floating hotel with no electricity, I’m going to try and get in a bunch of good workouts here.

Today, I took advantage of the free weights in the gym and did a sweaty 35 minute circuit I pinned from Fitnessista. Check out her blog… It’s fabulous!

I will definitely feel this tomorrow! Let me know if you try it out! It can also be modified if you do not have weights by doing tricep dips not extensions and subbing incline push-ups for overhead press.


Beach Workouts!

Last weekend, I was in Cape May for a gorgeous wedding! It was a ton of fun. I spent the whole weekend there, which was fabulous. I had some beach time, did some window shopping, made it to Lobster House for drinks, went to Cape May Brewery, and, of course, the wedding. The brewery was really good! It’s only a few years old, and I was pleasantly surprised with all of the beers that I tried! There were a bunch – and all so good! My favorite were the Saison and the Devil’s Reach. It was a really nice little getaway. We stayed in an apartment that had beds for 5, and only cost $250 a night! And as for the wedding? I’m so happy for Vinny and Cassie – and they threw one awesome party complete with tater tots, cornbread pork belly sliders, tons of dancing, good booze, and a beautiful setting!

Cape May Brewery!

Cape May Brewery!

Wedding and Beach Fun!

Wedding and Beach Fun!



View From My Run!

Jess and I even managed to get in a couple workouts while we were there. Saturday morning we took a 40 min-ish run. We ran along the beach promenade for a little over 1.5 miles before turning away from the water and running through the island. It was warm, but there was a great breeze. We probably ran about 3.5 miles, and it was a perfect way to start the day. We finished withiced coffee and bagels at this adorable coffee shop called Ellie’s, next to the cheese shop in West Cape May. They make them fresh there, and she was very proud to tell us that the boil and bake them – “just like they do in New York.”

Lithe Escape Style!

Lithe Escape Style!

Sunday morning, we got up and ran to the beach (only like 3 blocks away), and I took Jess through a Lithe workout! Working out on the sand certainly adds something to the double jacks and plyos and reach and pulls! We did a cardio – barre – cardio – barre – fold over work series that took about 40 minutes. My pictures don’t look awesome (the sun was in my eyes, and I look a little special in some of them!), but it was a great place to Lithe! I could get used to that! Again, perfect perfect start to the day!

Ramping it Up

The time has come when shorts, tanks, dresses, and skirts are  a gal’s daily wardrobe. I turned on my AC tonight! (Let’s not even talk about swim suits).  I LOVE summer weather and clothes, BUT go through a thing every year where I am decidedly not ready to give up my jeans and cardigans. I know I’m not alone. PLUS, there’s festivals, and eating, and drinking, and birthdays, and eating, and drinking. Warm weather is happy hour weather, am I right?


Here is how I’m getting through:

1. WORKOUTS! I’m definitely keeping up my workouts with Lithe, Sgt. Nate @ Professional Touch Fitness, and running. I aim for 5-6 days a week. No excuses.

2. I am tracking things on MyFitnessPal. I’m far from perfect, and go over more days than not, but it keeps me WAY more honest than I am otherwise. And I lost a few of the winter pounds, so I’m feeling a lot better about my shorts and tank tops than I was a few weeks ago, that’s for sure.

3. I’ve been snacking on Lithe Fudge when I need a little snack. It’s rich, satisfying, and full of delicious ingredients.

4. I’ve traded some of my beloved beers for white wine. (except it’s Philly Beer Week, so not this week.)

5. I bought a few new things: cute new skirt, trendy spring jacket, striped shorts from GAP. I’m thinking of a bathing suit like this one this year: I love getting a few new things and incorporating them!

6. I remember this, that I heard last night at a Beer Week event called “Beer-lesque” (Deschutes Brewery and the Peekaboo Revue Burlesque Dance Troupe): “If you were born a woman, you were born beautiful.”


How do you transition into summer wear from covering everything up in the winter?