Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I’ve realized over the past year that being healthy is far more than a number on the scale. It’s about good medical health – good blood pressure, cholesterol, and all of that, but it’s also about being physically strong, mentally strong, and emotionally strong.

Being healthy is about being able to lift groceries, boxes, and children without feeling so sore the next day you can’t move. It’s about being able to dance all. night. long. It’s about lifting the heavy weights or sandbags or whatever you choose, taking that long 5 mile walk, and being happy with the way your life is. right. now.

Being healthy is about being happy with who you are and what you’ve become. It’s about having relationships in your life that are constantly challenging you to be a better person. It’s about liking the person that you see in the mirror and seeing the beauty in the body that holds that person. It’s about being strong enough to see past the obstacles that are currently blocking your path to the glory of the finish line beyond them.

And when you don’t like what you see in the mirror, or aren’t happy with your relationships, or the fact that you can’t run around the block without being out of breath? Being healthy is about realizing that though you aren’t perfect, you strive to be the best that you can, and going for that goal. And reaching it.  Being healthy is about living. Really living.

You have to be physically strong enough to handle life, medically healthy enough to live well, mentally strong enough to overcome difficulties, and emotionally strong enough to realize who your true friends are – without all the pieces of the puzzle, you aren’t truly healthy. You aren’t truly living.

I don’t always like the number I see on the scale or the way I look in those pants. I don’t always like the way I react to tough situations, but I have come a long way on the yellow brick road to being healthy. I may never reach Oz, but I certainly will come closer and closer in my journey to be healthy, strong, and happy. Join me.



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