Carbs, Cheese, and Beer

On Thursday, I decided to stop using My Fitness Pal. It simply wasn’t working for me, and I was too focused on calories and not just eating healthy foods.  I didn’t lose weight originally by counting calories, but by focusing on the quality of foods – lean proteins, whole grains, lots of veggies. My main goals are less carbs, less cheese, more veggies, more protein – and COLORFUL FOOD! I mean – really: I got fat by eating chicken, quinoa, kale, and avocados said no one ever.

Well, since then, I have done a fabulous job at eating crappy beige food. Carbs, cheese, and beer –  I ate a lot of those 3 things the past 4 days. Seriously, guys.  Lots of cheese and carbs.

Thursday, there was this awesome Philly Beer Week event called Dunkel Dare at Frankford Hall. Remember Double Dare with Marc Summers? Physical challenges? Slime? Finding the flag in the pancakes during the obstacle course?


Now, picture this is in a beer garden – with people from breweries (as well as audience members) participating. It was pretty awesome – I’m not going to lie. Marc Summers, the original host, was there – as well as Harvey, the original announcer. They gave out pretty awesome prizes, like an Encyclopedia Britannica, an old school tape recorder, a double VCR player, and a trip to Space Camp. To add to that amazing experience, I ate spatzel, french fries, pretzel and cheese, and beer. All beige. Delicious – but beige.

Friday started out healthy enough. I am a teacher, so I take all of my food to school for breakfast and lunch with me, and it was healthy – a homemade parfait with plain non fat greek yogurt, and whole wheat pasta salad with veggies, beans, avocado, among other ingredients. Then, for dinner –  I met friends at a local place in the city called Perch Pub. There, I ate a couple wings, chicken nachos, and hummus with pita. More beige food.

Saturday, I did this all day Be Well Philly Bootcamp – a review of that will come later, but the food during the day was super healthy. Some yogurt and granola for breakfast, a healthy turkey or tuna sandwich, apples, and couscous for lunch. Then for dinner – I had some tortilla chips, beer (like 5), a mushroom sandwich (sounds healthier than it was), and some potato pancake. Apparently, I’m really good at eating beige food.

Yesterday wasn’t so bad. But a breakfast quesadilla and whole wheat homemade pizza (peppers, goat cheese, tomatoes, proscuitto – YUM!) still does not contain all that many vegetables. Keep in mind, I worked out a lot this weekend – so it’s not like I’m going to gain 20 pounds in 3 days, but still.  Friday night, I went to my Ranger Cross Training Class. Saturday, I worked out almost 3 hours at the day long bootcamp I mentioned earlier. Sunday, I worked out for an hour in the morning at Lithe Method and then walked almost an hour in the afternoon around the city.  And I didn’t eat terribly all day long all weekend – just one bad meal a day really, but all of that beige food does NOT do a body good.

So, time to do some detox. For lunches this week – I made a delicious salad with kale, chickpeas, black beans, quinoa, red peppers, cucumber, pomegranate seeds, corn, and grilled chicken. I used red wine vinegar, lime juice, salt, pepper, and garlic to add some extra flavor. Look at all those colors! It was tasty too!


What did you make for lunch this week?


2 thoughts on “Carbs, Cheese, and Beer

  1. As a kid my entire extended family used to make fun of me for only eating beige food. It was a hard habit to break but that salad looks great. This is a good time of year to get out of that rut with all the fresh fruits and veggies and beer week being over.

    • Oh I know! I definitely love beige food (and ate a lot of it as a child), but have been craving some different colored food in my diet lately! I’ve been doing a bit better!

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