Rest Days

They say rest days are the most important days. I personally hate taking them. I feel lazy, like I’m going to ruin my progress and *gasp* not burn off calories. However, I know that rest days are vital to making progress. Your body needs time to rest and recover from the hard workouts you’ve done. Since I took 2 days off last week due to my crazy schedule as of late, I worked out all weekend – Friday night kettlebell class, about 3 hours on Saturday at that Be Well Philly Bootcamp – and an hour at Lithe on Sunday too. My legs were very tired, and yesterday at kettlebell class, my back was feeling tight. I knew today had to be a rest day. I am going to do some extra walking today, but I really am going to take it easy. Too much exercise and not enough rest can start to negate all of the hard work I am putting in, which clearly makes no sense. Also, I really do perform better when I’m rested. Despite that,  it can be hard to remind myself that your body gets stronger when it has time to heal and recover.



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