This Week’s Reasons Why Life is Good


1. I was able to celebrate with my friend Bimpe last night. She is moving to Rhode Island, which is a little sad; however, she’s doing a second residency in order to be able to treat abused children. Basically, she’s going to save the world.

2. I did hill sprints with my friend Matt on Wednesday night. He wrote about it on his blog here.  Basically, we did a mile warm up, 5 hill sprints up the Penn’s Landing Market St bridge, fast up – slow back down. Then we ended with an easy .5 mile cool down.  Then, we went to Triumph Brewery for some post run brews. I had the Belgian Blond, which was seriously delicious!


Triumph Brewery’s Beer List


Our (slightly blurry) view of the Ben Franklin Bridge from our cool down .

3. I did not get laid off. And with the mess that is the School District of Philadelphia, it’s a wonder that any of us still have jobs.

4. I started a new job last week, just a part time gig working the desk at Lithe Method in Old City. I had two more training shifts this week, and I have been told that I am ready for my first big girl shift – working by myself! It’s fairly easy and a relaxed environment and it will give me some extra money to spend/pay off bills/save (and some free classes too!)

5. I started season 2 of Game of Thrones. I’m becoming obsessed.

6. School is *almost* over. It’s so close that I can practically taste the joys of summer.

7. I’m getting a hair cut today – for free! I won a giveaway at Body Cycle Studio awhile back, and I’m cashing in on the hair cut today!

8. Last but not least, 2 little girls just came into my classroom, while I’m eating lunch typing this, to offer me a donut. I only ate half of it, but really – don’t mind if I do.

Life is good, guys. Promise.


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