Sunday Bootcamp Workout

I am part of a meetup group called Healthy Girls Rock, and I occasionally host free group bootcamp workouts. I am not a certified group exercise instructor or a personal trainer (not yet at least!) Therefore, it’s all at your own risk, of course, but girls always come out, and we always get in a great workout. This past Sunday, I had a bootcamp planned for 10am at the art museum.

*<In the spirit of full disclosure, I was a bit of a hot mess on Saturday night – completely by accident, of course. Had an awesome time eating sushi and an even better time drinking beer in this totally cool pop up PHS beer garden on Broad St. However, by 11:45pm, I had to send myself home, and in the process got my wallet and keys lost/stolen. We are going to go with the “stolen” story, because it sounds a lot better than the “I dropped my wallet in the cab and was convinced I lost it” story. Anyway, I wasn’t feeling particularly awesome on Sunday morning but not totally dreadful either.>*


There was certainly a nice view!

Approximately 15 girls were still signed up come Sunday morning and 8 showed. (I imagine the other 7 possibly had evenings like mine.) First off, it was freakin’ hot. There isn’t exactly shade on the art museum steps. On the plus side, there’s the art museum steps which provide a great workout in and of itself. I didn’t put sunscreen on my shoulders and neck, though, and I definitely got some sun. The girls who came out were very nice and up for a good workout. Due to the heat, some definitely did not hydrate properly and got a little light headed, so a few had to sit down for part of the workout. PSA: Always work at your level and listen to your body.

The workout we did could easily be replicated. Here it is, for your benefit!

  • Start with 3 rounds of stair runs (down to bottom and back up).  –  If you don’t have stairs, run around the block or a short loop or something similar.
  • 1st circuit, 3 rounds: 20 squats, 20 push ups, 20 rowers (like sit-ups), walking lunges down a ramp and back up (or just about 20-25), 1 round of stairs
  • 2nd circuit, 3 rounds: 1 min plank hold, 20 tricep dips, side shuffle down ramp and back up (or on a flat surface if no ramp), 1 round of stairs
  • Stretching!

This took us about 45 minutes. If I was doing this by myself, I probably would have finished in about 35-40 minutes. However, I definitely still felt like I got a good workout!


Longer: Run 1 mile before and/or after

Harder: Sprint the stair runs, substitute jump squats for regular squats,

Shorter: 2 rounds of each exercise

Easier: substitute incline pushups for regular pushups, walk stairs instead of running, substitute stationary lunges for walking lunges

As always: Talk to your doctor if you have any hesitations or questions about starting a workout program.


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