Express Hotel Treadmill Workout: Sprint Circuit

Express Hotel Treadmill Workout: Sprint Circuit

It was HOT yesterday, did I tell y’all that? So today, I opted for a short 25 minute treadmill workout in the fitness center. It was small, but I was still able to get a good workout in. The picture shows the end of one of my sprints.

1 min walk warm up

Circuit 1:
Sprint: 2 rounds of 45 sec sprint, 45 sec jog
Strength: 20 squats with shoulder press
20 sec plank, 20 crocodiles, 20 sec plank

Circuit 2:
Sprint: repeat above
Strength: Repeat above

Circuit 3:
Sprint: repeat above
Strength: repeat but instead of shoulder press, do tricep kickbacks

Circuit 4:
Sprint: repeat above
Strength: repeat with triceps

Circuit 5:
Sprint: repeat
1 min walk cool down

This took me 25 minutes.

I went about 8-8.5 mph when I was sprinting and 5.5 when I jogged. I went approx 1/3 mile in each round, so about 1 2/3 miles total. I used 2 15lb weights for the squats.

Make it easier: Shorter sprints, lighter weights, 10 squats instead of 20, 1 min rest in between each circuit

Make it longer/harder: 3 rounds of sprints per circuit, Add 20 push-ups per circuit after squats, Do an extra circuit, Add a .5-1 mile jog as warmup and another as cool down


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