Must Read Article

Please, do yourself, and everyone else, a favor and go read this article. It’s called “Self Objectification.” It’s written for women, but I’m pretty positive that this is applicable to men too. It talks about how we have all become hard wired to worry more about what our body LOOKS like and not how it actually FEELS. We engage in so much Fat Talk about ourselves, and it’s damaging us! We need to be focusing on what our bodies can do – because the number on the scale does not determine how valuable we are as people.

While you’re at it, read these too:

Say F-You to the F-Word 

Trimming the Fat Talk 

A personal goal of mine? To stop judging myself based on how I look that day. To stop weighing myself so much and actually think about how my body feels, and how *I* feel in my body. To do my best to take care of myself, and to not feel guilty when I become a little indulgent. Down with the fat talk!


Breakfast Burritos


I have been living on these lately. I scramble 2 eggs, add a ton of spinach or arugula, some cherry tomatoes, a little cheese, and some black beans. Then, I wrap it all up in an all natural whole wheat flour tortilla that has only 6 ingredients! I think I posted about these amazing tortillas already. According to my rough calculations, these work out to about 550-600 calories (including the oil used), and they keep you full! (Not to mention that they are way healthier than any breakfast burritos you would get in a restaurant.)

Sunday Photos


This is my new muffin tin! So excited to make my mini muffin recipes!


This is my new ziplock lunch box Tupperware. I’m going to pack my lunches in here. They are genius! Some great ideas can be found at 100 Days of Real Food (here and here) and Project Lunch Box.


Took a 7.35 mile run today! We all accidentally matched, which was hilarious. Run went well… Kept a solid, steady pace around 11 min/mile. Mile 4 was almost 12:00 but we had negative splits for miles 5-7. It was gorgeous weather too! I am sure that Matt will post more pictures and a more detailed run recap. See his recap here.

My Week in Exercise

Here’s a rundown of the exercise I did this week, and how I feel about it. I’ve been doing a significant amount of drinking and eating this week …. so it was important for me to get moving this week. BUT – it was a bit of a slow week exercise wise with all the work I did the past couple of days.

Monday: I went to noon Ranger Training Bootcamp with Sgt Nate. The class was a little brutal, but no awful. FIrst, we started with a warm up run, followed by 10-20-30-40 flying burpees. (Think: burpee, 180 degree jump turn, repeat). Then, we did 20 frog hops down the field, lunge walking (in reverse) back. We continued with 5 bear crawls and 10 pushups (the “5 and Dime”) down the field, and sprinted back – 4 times. There may have been something else that I’m blocking out.

Tuesday: I was supposed to get up for yoga, but I didn’t. I instead came to Lithe and took Twiggy. It’s a non stop class with a ton of cardio cheer at the beginning, at least the first half. Then, you alternate some standing arm and leg work with more cardio for the last half of class. I was dripping sweat, in a good way.  That evening, I took another Lithe class called Waspie. Waspie is a slower more sculpting class that uses the blue bands, which always make my arms hurt. My legs were super tight on Wednesday from all of the standing leg work we did!

Wednesday: Morning 3 mile slow run with Matt and Jess. Read about it here. I also had an ultimate frisbee game that night. I played a decent amount – and definitely got some sprints/speed work in! We won – 3-0 now! – and I scored a touchdown/goal and threw a touchdown pass also! I’m definitely getting better on offense!

Thursday/Friday: Rest days due to work and going to the beach today!

Saturday: Planning on some kind of bootcamp type workout at the beach. I’ll be sure to post about it! It will likely be something similar to this workout from the Be Well Philly Blog.

Sunday: 7 mile slow run with Matt. Actually looking forward to it! I only ran 5 miles last week, but I’m not too worried about the distance. Working our way up to 13.1!

Summary: 2 runs (1 short, 1 long), 1 Ranger Training, 2 Lithe classes, 1 DYI bootcamp, 1 ultimate frisbee game

Next week is my last full week off before school starts, so I’m going to kick it up a notch in anticipation of my nutrition challenge in September. Stay tuned.

This Week’s Reasons Why Life is Good

Another edition of why life is pretty lovely, even if it sometimes seems otherwise.

Waterfalls at Rickett’s Glen

1. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to Bloomsburg, PA with some friends in celebration of my friend Alex’s birthday. We did some awesome activities, including a 4 hour hike and picnic lunch at Rickett’s Glen,  meteor watching, and roller coaster riding at Knoebel’s Grove Amusement Park (perhaps the best place ever). It was an awesome weekend and really nice to get out of the city and relax.

2. I *finally* got to the go to the pool again at North Shore yesterday. I haven’t gone much this year, because I was away much of July, and then I was busy and working a lot, and then – well, the weather hasn’t been particularly hot lately. Yesterday was beautiful, and I got to spend a few glorious hours there.

3. I joined an ultimate frisbee team last June (which deserves it’s own post). We were *pretty* terrible least season, finally winning a game at the very end of the season.  We played our hearts out on Wednesday, and won 8-7 in sudden death. It was a lot of fun. I’m proud to say that we are now 2-0.

Knoebel's Amusement Park collage of fun

Knoebel’s Amusement Park collage of fun

4. I am doing some more celebrating this weekend! August is a busy month. My lovely friends Elisa, Christine, and Jaime are having small birthday gatherings. My fabulous friend Janice is having a wedding shower/celebration – which, I must add, includes me getting a massage – and I’m PRETTY pumped.

5. I had some good runs this week! I finally broke my pace slump and did a 4.4 mile run across the Ben Franklin Bridge (read: up hill both ways) in about a 10:15 pace! I was super proud of that, but super dead after. The run was one I organized through Run Like a Philly Girl. We ate burritos after. Burritos = happiness. Then, I ran with Matt and my sister, Jess, on Wednesday morning when we did an easy 3.  Running 6 on Sunday!

6.  Last night, I went out to the Race Street Pier for Live and Local Thursday. It’s an awesome little park, and they had local bands performing! There was free PBC beer, but the line was crazy. It was a beautiful night, and a beautiful location for some live tunes!

7. I finally found whole wheat tortillas that don’t have a lot of chemicals and things-I-can’t-pronounce in them, and I am *so* excited. (See above, #5). They are sold at Whole Foods, come 4 to a pack, cost $2.49 per pack, and are 220 calories each.

All Natural, yes!

All Natural, yes!

Live and Local at the Race Street Pier

Live and Local at the Race Street Pier

Sound off! What is one reason why you think life is good this week?

Accuracy of Running Apps – What Gives?

As you probably know, I do a lot of running and training for races with my friend Matt. (You can find him over at: We use different apps for our iphones to keep track of our running.  He uses an app called Strava and sometimes his fancy GPS watch. I have always used RunKeeper.  Please pause for a short disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I realize that while training for a race, pace is not the most important thing (unless you are trying to win or qualify for something, in which case, it is the important thing – and this post is probably not applicable to you). I know that a run can be faster or slower depending on weather, your mood, whether you are sore or not, etc.) For the most part, I run because I like to run. 

HOWEVER, it absolutely drives me nuts that our apps *consistently* show different information at the end of our runs, which we run together. I’m not talking about a few seconds here or there, but more than 1/4 of mile differences and pace differences of up to 1 min or more per mile.  Here is a perfect example of the differences for a 5 mile run that we ran together 2 Sundays ago. (Definition of together: When I say together, I don’t just mean we started together. We actually ran the 5 miles within 1/2 block from each other the entire time. Most of the time, we were right next to/in front each other.)


Matt’s Strava app screenshot of our run


My RunKeeper app screenshotsimage-2




















Due to my teacher nature, I’d like to start this by asking you to compare the two versions of this run (that was run together: see definition of together above).

Here’s what I noticed:

1. Strava counts “moving time” and RunKeeper counts “duration”.  “Moving Time” is nice because it accounts for traffic lights.  17 seconds shouldn’t make much of a difference in this particular run, however.

2.  Strava says we ran 4.9 miles, while RunKeeper says 4.79. Again, not a major difference… but annoying nonetheless, especially when we were on roads and a trail. No stairs, no switchbacks, nothing tricky.

3.  He burned A LOT more calories than me. Stupid boys. (This is irrelevant.)

4. His average pace: 10:54. My average pace: 11:15

5. Our splits were VERY different, especially miles 2 and 4. Mile 2- 9:40 pace vs 11:04 pace. Mile 4 – 10:37 pace vs 12:38 pace.

Now, WHY is this?  That 4th mile really bothers me, since I was even a little ahead of him at that point.

If you look closely at his splits, they don’t really make sense. How is his average pace more than any of his splits? And if you add up his splits, they only add up to 51: something, and not the 53:39 of total moving time.  My average pace makes sense considering my splits, and my splits add up to about 2 minutes more than my total time, because it’s accounting for a whole 5th mile.   So, maybe Strava is incorrect?

For the most part, I think that RunKeeper’s problem is that it doesn’t account for traffic lights, which there can be a lot of in Philadelphia. So, I downloaded one called iSmoothRun that has an auto-pause feature. Anytime you stop for 5 seconds, it automatically pauses it and then deducts that 5 seconds from your time. It restarts when you begin running again.  Well, even today – we ran an easy 3 miles with my sister – and our run still wasn’t in sync.


My run – iSmoothRun

Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 7.31.32 PM

Matt’s run – Strava


Distance was pretty similar, but Matt’s was still longer. Even with the auto pause feature, his moving time was significantly less than mine, and his pace was lower.


My run – iSmoothRun

Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 7.31.44 PM

Matt’s run – Strava










Our splits were off too, first the first and second mile by almost 30 seconds!

SO …. what gives? Is Strava inaccurate? Are they all inaccurate? Thoughts? Experiences?

Mini “Muffin” Recipes

I’ve been feeling inspired lately to try to cook new things, and I think that anything in the shape of a muffin is adorable and automatic portion control, so I thought I’d share some recipes I want to try soon. I’m trying to focus a little more on making sure that food I purchase and make is *real*, without chemicals, which is hard! Obviously, some of these recipes are healthier than others – but I will be trying to make them with *real* food. I’ll be sure to post when I actually make this stuff. If you are going to/have made any of these, let me know!



Do you have any favorite muffin tin recipes to share?