Must Read Article

Please, do yourself, and everyone else, a favor and go read this article. It’s called “Self Objectification.” It’s written for women, but I’m pretty positive that this is applicable to men too. It talks about how we have all become hard wired to worry more about what our body LOOKS like and not how it actually FEELS. We engage in so much Fat Talk about ourselves, and it’s damaging us! We need to be focusing on what our bodies can do – because the number on the scale does not determine how valuable we are as people.

While you’re at it, read these too:

Say F-You to the F-Word 

Trimming the Fat Talk 

A personal goal of mine? To stop judging myself based on how I look that day. To stop weighing myself so much and actually think about how my body feels, and how *I* feel in my body. To do my best to take care of myself, and to not feel guilty when I become a little indulgent. Down with the fat talk!


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