10 Day Challenge

Yesterday, Tuesday, September 2, I started a 10 day challenge. I will not eat any wheat products, dairy, or have alcohol for 10 days. I am trying to hit a reset button and trying to remind my body how good it feels when I have healthier habits! (Okay, and I want to lose a little of the pudge that I feel like I have from too much drinking/French fries.)

Tonight, I had a killer workout with Sgt Nate at Ranger Cross Training. We started with a brutal cardio/body weight 15 min warmup, then moved into a more brutal kettlebell workout that consisted of 100 of various things. My back killed me, my quads killed me, and I was ridiculously sweaty during cool down stretching on the mat. I was not up for cooking anything, even though I have individual bags of brown rice frozen in my freezer (more on that in another post). So, I stopped at Whole Foods. Thank god for whole foods.


I got vegan kale salad with garlic dressing and brown rice tuna and salmon sushi. It was delicious and satisfying (and totally on the challenge). I am now off to *hopefully* win our ultimate frisbee game!!


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