IT Band Woes

This week, I’ve been getting to know a certain member of my body that I hadn’t had the pleasure of taking notice of before. I think he was starting to feel left out, so wanted to be sure that I noticed him. (Yes, it’s a he.)

Let me introduce you to my right IT Band. Let’s just say that it hurts.

I haven’t run since last Tuesday – though, I was doing other exercise.  It started bothering me two weeks ago, but went away a bit after the shorter run. I ran again two days later with no pain at all. I did some foam rolling and stretching, and ran that 8.5 miles that Sunday, and it hurt a bit around mile 8, but nothing serious. I dutifully foam rolled Wednesday and Friday when I was at Sgt Nate, but Sunday morning, I woke up and it wasn’t feeling right. I was supposed to run 10 miles, but well – I decided not to.  I went to a Lithe Method class called Watershed, where you essentially roll around on a hard spiky ball. It helped, but good thing I didn’t run, because it was sore just from walking around. Monday, instead of running, I decided to go swimming and to a gentle yoga class…. but again, it was sore from walking around. Those do seem to have helped, though, as it’s not hurting as much today. I’m resting completely today, and I’m going to try to run tomorrow.

My half marathon is in a week and a half. I’m certainly going to try not to injure myself more than I am, but I still want to try and run it……    I’ll keep you updated.


Anyone with experience with ITB issues two weeks pre-race? What did you do?



4 thoughts on “IT Band Woes

  1. When my sister has issues close to a race she either drops distance or intensity — so I think planning to run/walk the half would be a good thing if you still plan to do it.

  2. Or if you want a personal contact, I bet this massage therapist Justin I’ve seen a couple of times can help out — he’ll come to your house or you can go see him out in West Philly, and hopefully he’d be less than a studio.

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