Article of the Week (and Marathon signs)

“Enjoy good wine. Drink beer from local craft breweries. Sleep. Pray. Meditate. Let go.”

The above quote is from my Article of the Week, “Women: EAT LIKE A MAN!” that discusses the daily battle women have with food.  Seriously – retraining myself to just eat (and not stress about eating) is a challenging task. I had a grilled cheese and french fries for lunch yesterday. And today I had a quesadilla and french fries. Well, for lunches this week, I made a big delicious pork and veggie stir fry and packed a green smoothie and oatmeal. It all balances out.


Also, my friends who ran in the Philadelphia Half and full Marathon ROCK! Seriously, you guys rock. And my non-running friends and I kind of rock too, because we got up early and made fun signs. I got quite a few “You’re sexy too” comments. Maybe I’ll add my phone number for next year.




This Week’s Reasons Why Life is Good

I love writing these posts. It’s easy to get caught up thinking about all of the crappy things that happen (like this weather), but we don’t spend enough time thinking about all of the little things that make life good.

1.  Jess and I went thrift store shopping yesterday on our day off. We went out to Ardmore, but our favorite place was the Wardrobe Boutique at 19th and Spring Garden. I got an awesome green pea coat from Macy’s for less than $20. Win! I almost didn’t try it on, because it said Size 12 – which I definitely am not. However, this coat fits me – so maybe it was mislabeled or something.

2. There was a Yelp event at Smashburger in Radnor last night. We basically got to try a “tasting menu” for free. We got a quarter piece of 7 different burgers, fries, sweet potato fries, fried pickles, veggies, and a little mini milkshake. Not healthy at all, but really delicious. I had a kale salad for lunch (I’ll take a picture tomorrow) and pumpkin greek yogurt for breakfast, so it all balances out.

3. This whole “eating normally” thing is A LOT less stressful. And believe it or not, once I decided I didn’t need to lose “5 more pounds,” I think I look good in what I’m wearing the vast majority of the time.

4. I am so happy that I have been going back to yoga. My body is a lot happier too. Taking some time off was really good for me. I took a whole week off with the exception of yoga.  I did go back to Sgt Nate a couple of times last week, which was exciting – but it did make my knee hurt some. I was super duper sore the following two days also. Anyway, yoga makes life good.

5. I’m going to cheer on some friends running the Philly Half Marathon this week. Trying to come up with a good sign. For Broad St, our sign said “If Broad St were easy, it would be called Your Mom.” Any good suggestions?

6. My students regularly give me little drawings and things they colored. Most of them (but not all) end up getting thrown away the next time I clean my desk, but they always make me smile.


Why is your life good this week?


Oktoberfest Half Recap


Ready to run!


And we’re off!!










Well, another half marathon is in the books. I ran it with my running partner, Matt. Even though he didn’t PR , we had a great race and it was a perfect day. Better yet, my knee help up!

For those of you that aren’t up to date – I ran the Oktoberfest Half in Pennypack Park in the Northeast. If you live in Philly and have a car, you should go to Pennypack Park immediately.



The course looped around the entire park. We ran up the main bike path for about 6.5 miles, and then onto a flat trail for 2.5 miles which looped back to the bike path at mile 9 and we retraced our steps (and hills) for the last 4 miles.


The first 6.5 miles were super smooth sailing. We kept between an 11:00 and 11:30 pace, trying to be pretty conservative and tackling the hills in the first 3 miles without any major difficulty. My sister came to see us at mile 6 also, since that was the only other place you could drive to besides the beginning. It was good to see her there, and she took a couple great shots!!




Half way point!

Half way point!

At mile 6.5, we got onto a trail section that lasted 2.5 miles. It was flat and relatively easy to run. Not a ton of rocks of branches. There was one big tree down in the middle of the path at one point, but nothing crazy. It was absolutely gorgeous! I lost Matt a bit on this part. It was hard to run together, so I went ahead and then stopped to stretch to my knee while he caught up.


The trail portion



At mile 9, we reached the trail back where we had started. We managed to make it back up and down all of the hills (those hills from the beginning seemed a lot harder the second time around.) We ended up walking a good portion of the last 2 miles. Matt was flagging and having some weird numbness stuff. I think he felt bad, but I set out to run the whole thing with him, and I didn’t really mind. At this point, my knee hurt. Not unbearably, but it hurt. So walking wasn’t so bad.

Most of the race, there was a couple from Virginia doing a run 3, walk 1 method right in front or behind us. When we rounded the last corner, the guy from that couple had come back (after he finished) to finish running the race with us! It was something that would never have happened in a large race – but when there’s only 450 people racing 13.1 miles with you, the atmosphere and camaraderie is different. His energy certainly helped get Matt across that finish line looking strong.

Of course, after the race you get german potato salad, brats, and sauerkraut. And we had plenty of Oktoberfest beers back at Matt’s to celebrate.


This week I have taken off from all intense exercise. I went to yoga on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and will go to a yoga class this evening. Next week, I’m going to attempt to get back to Ranger Training and do a run or two, but I want to be sure to give my knee/IT Band enough time to heal. I am trying to be kind to my body, and to give it time to heal and rest when necessary. It’s sort of a new thing for me.


Finishers with our cheerleaders – Morgan and Jess\