December Running

I haven’t really been running. I’ve been going to Sarge and to a lot of Lithe classes, but running? It’s so cold!

According to my RunKeeper app, since the Oktoberfest Half at the end of October, I have run 2 times, and I ran once without my phone – making 3.  Apparently, I ran 4 miles on November 14. The next was on Thanksgiving when I ran a Turkey Trot with my sister and two friends.   Aren’t we adorable? It was COLD that day, yo. Like, feels like 13 degrees cold.

turkey trot collage

imageAfter the Turkey Trot, I didn’t run until December 22nd. Jess and I ran 3 miles or so in 60 degree rain. Strange for December in Philly. Today, I was feeling like I could use a good run, so I went and busted out 5 miles! Considering my recent (lack of) running, I think it was a pretty awesome run. It wasn’t too cold, but I bundled up in a long sleeve shirt, fingerless gloves, pants, and an ear warmer, and I set out to do 3-4 miles. Once I got moving – the semi-cold, dreary weather didn’t really seem that bad. I have a basic 3ish mile loop from my house with several extensions that I can add on, and I just kept adding! If curious, I ran down to Washington Avenue, over to Columbus Blvd, north on Penns Landing, out and back on the pier by the marina, then all the way up to the Race Street Pier – a quick loop around there, west on Race St to 7th and back down. I was tired in the middle and definitely working – it wasn’t an “easy” run. RunKeeper has my pace a little slower than my iSmoothRun app, which said 10:20, and I think is more accurate. (RK is just prettier for posting, to be honest).  Regardless of my pace, I went farther than I have since October and pushed it a little. With few red lights for most of this route, I was really able to get into a groove. And by the time I was on Race St and 7th St, I was ready for a few seconds of break here and there.


Elvis at 2nd and Race


How do you feel about winter running? Any good city runs lately?


Christmas Craziness

The holidays are a crazy time, aren’t they? I have barely thought about this blog recently. But man, have I been thinking about all of those cookies I have been eating!

I have a BIG confession to make: I made a colossal mistake last week and decided to buy a scale. WHICH WAS REALLY DUMB GUYS, because…

A) It was a New Year’s Resolution to stop weighing myself so much.

B) I hadn’t weighed myself hardly at all in 2 months, and I had been really crazy insanely happy about not weighing myself.

C) I hadn’t really felt fat at all. There was very little self fat talk!

and D) I have been eating a lot of cookies.

Of course, I stepped on the scale approximately 10 times in the past 6 days, and shockingly, I haven’t been super pleased with the result. I mean, it’s within 5 pounds of what it said last time I got on it before Thanksgiving (which was a couple pounds higher than I wanted it to be at that point, to be honest).  I knew I wanted to do a January reset anyway to make me feel healthy and happy after the holidays, but really, what was I thinking? I don’t need that stupid little number. My clothes fit. I’ve been working out a lot. I had been feeling [and looking] great. Shouldn’t that be enough?!

It’s AMAZING what a stupid little number on a scale can do for your mental health, and how a simple number can affect your body image.  [And it is really. just. a. number. I mean, step on and off and you may get a different #. or drink water. or go to the bathroom.] My friend posted a thing on instagram yesterday that read:



And that, my friends, is NOT okay. There are so many better things in life to think about and relish in. How can you enjoy the wonderful time you are having with friends and family if you are worried about how your stomach looks in your jeans when you sit down? Or how your arm will look in that picture? Or. Or. Or. We are literally missing out on some of the best moments of our lives, because we are so worried about the number the scale said that morning and whether or not you should really have that extra cookie or pita with hummus.

It’s a balancing act. Treat your body well. Feed it well. Most of the time, feed it with whole foods. [whole foods, like real foods, not the store]. Stay away from packaged products. Drink water. Eat food that is a variety of colors. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. [good for your body and your mind]. And make peace. With yourself. Your body.

… and put the damn scale away. 

[side note: as of today, my scale is currently living in a closet hidden away from view. where i will use it occasionally to keep myself honest.]


Everyone feels a little pudgy after the holidays. After about a week of exercise and healthier eating, I’m sure we will feel back to normal. However, it’s important to make sure we do not let our excessive holiday habits extend for the entire month of December! I am planning on battling this with a *slightly* aggressive exercise plan and a lot of veggies during the week! I’m also going to try to limit alcohol on weekdays and limit wheat products to one meal a day on weekdays so that I can indulge a bit at the weekend holiday parties. What’s your plan?


Lunches this week- turkey tortilla soup, with a dollop of 2% Greek yogurt on top and several crushes guacamole flavored tortilla chips

Smoothie- apple, tons of spinach, banana, cucumber

Tacos – tonight were spinach and bean on 100% whole wheat tortillas

I have overnight oats every single weekday for breakfast along with my smoothie. I’m not kidding.
I also have some leftover *real* green bean casserole and Greek yogurts for dessert. More dairy than I’m used to, but Greek yogurt is good for you. I may make some afternoon green smoothies as well for some extra nutrition.