Bangkok (and another hotel room workout)

I have learned a few things about Bangkok so far in my short time here:

1. Tons of traffic
2. Cabs are super cheap
3. I can’t quite figure it out. Not super great for tourists it seems?


4. I am expert at crossing the street after being in Southeast Asia for 3 weeks.

Tonight is our last night here. We are going to have a super expensive drink at Sky Bar (from Hangover 2). Then, we are going to dinner at a place called Mazzaro Cafe. Perhaps we will hit up a night market after.

Between afternoon activities and drinks/dinner, I got a quick workout in our “sitting room” at the hotel. I used the Round Timer App and set it for 25 one minute rounds with 20 seconds rest in between. It was about 34 minutes.

I did three sets of:
1. Deep Squats
2. Jacks
3. Alternating Lunges
4. Squat Jumps
5. Push-ups
6. Burpees
7. Dips
8. Abs – pick your favorite or switch it each time
For my final 25th round, I did an extra minute of abs.

No equipment necessary. I was a hot, sweaty mess afterwards which I consider to be successful.


Today’s Vacation Workout of the Day

After breakfast today, we set up shop back at our beach beds from yesterday. It is just so fabulous to be on vacation and have nowhere to be. I read, had a mojito, and just relaxed with the fabulous view.

We do have plans this afternoon though, so before I ate lunch, I hightailed it to the gym for a super sweaty 50 minute workout that I found back on Fitnessista. Jess did it with me, and followed it pretty closely. I subbed lat pull downs for pull-ups, and we did 6 rounds of the HIIT Blitz – 3 on the bike and 3 on the stair stepper. Why did the stepper become out of style? It’s killer!

We were hot and sweaty and ready for our Thai cooking class and beach drinking fun at Chaweng Beach later on!


Southeast Asia!

Hello from Ko Samui in Thailand!! I have been traveling for almost 2 weeks and have managed to get in a few actual workouts in hotel rooms and a couple super active days filled with biking or temple exploring.
We have also had quite a few days where we weren’t so active – because we were on a boat or traveling. Today, we laid around at the beach all day, but we are staying at an awesome resort with a fitness center (with equipment that includes free weights and TRX bands) in addition to the ample room we have in our two bedroom villa that has a private pool. Since our next stop after this is roughing it at a floating hotel with no electricity, I’m going to try and get in a bunch of good workouts here.

Today, I took advantage of the free weights in the gym and did a sweaty 35 minute circuit I pinned from Fitnessista. Check out her blog… It’s fabulous!

I will definitely feel this tomorrow! Let me know if you try it out! It can also be modified if you do not have weights by doing tricep dips not extensions and subbing incline push-ups for overhead press.