Bangkok (and another hotel room workout)

I have learned a few things about Bangkok so far in my short time here:

1. Tons of traffic
2. Cabs are super cheap
3. I can’t quite figure it out. Not super great for tourists it seems?


4. I am expert at crossing the street after being in Southeast Asia for 3 weeks.

Tonight is our last night here. We are going to have a super expensive drink at Sky Bar (from Hangover 2). Then, we are going to dinner at a place called Mazzaro Cafe. Perhaps we will hit up a night market after.

Between afternoon activities and drinks/dinner, I got a quick workout in our “sitting room” at the hotel. I used the Round Timer App and set it for 25 one minute rounds with 20 seconds rest in between. It was about 34 minutes.

I did three sets of:
1. Deep Squats
2. Jacks
3. Alternating Lunges
4. Squat Jumps
5. Push-ups
6. Burpees
7. Dips
8. Abs – pick your favorite or switch it each time
For my final 25th round, I did an extra minute of abs.

No equipment necessary. I was a hot, sweaty mess afterwards which I consider to be successful.


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