Recovery Workout #1

I sort of lost track of posting this second workout! Sorry guys! Toe update: doing a lot better! I’m regaining the back and forth motion in my big toe, and I am back to my normal workout routine.

The first workout I posted was the one that I relied on most for the first two weeks (with some minor changes here and there). Once I got the dressing off and staples out, and I was able to put some weight on my foot again, I did this workout (or one similar to it).  This started to help me get my heart rate back up and incorporate a little cardio back into my routine.

Recovery Workout 

Repeat each set 3 times. Alternatively, you can set a timer and complete each set for a certain number of minutes (8, 10, 12 …) Use 5-8 lb weights for the upper body exercises.

Set 1:

  • 30 alternating side lunges
  • 15 squat to shoulder press
  • 15 pushups (on knees)
  • 15 ladder crunches

Set 2:

  • 15 jumping jacks
  • 15 side lunges each side
  • 15 upright rows
  • 15 rowers (military style sit-ups)

Set 3:

  • 30 alternating High Knee Pull
  • 30 speed squats
  • 15 tricep kick backs
  • 15 leg lifts

Set 4:




Toe Surgery and Non-Weight Bearing Workout #1

It’s been many months on the blog quiet front, but one of my resolutions is to change that!
So, two weeks ago I had toe surgery. I had arthritic spurs on my right big toe joint that caused me a lot of pain when I exercised, walked, ran, etc. It kept getting worse until I finally decided to go see a highly recommended orthopedic foot surgeon at the Rothman Institute – Dr. Raikin. I originally thought that I had a bunion, but he quickly set the record straight. Here’s more information on the surgery I got. The official recovery time was two weeks. During that time I had a big bandage on my foot, 9 staples in my toe, and I was supposed to keep it elevated 23 hours a day. Now, as you can probably tell, I’m super active  – and all of the sitting around drove me crazy. Within a few days, I was getting out of the house some, but I was walking well under 1,000 steps (200 on some days), and I’m use to walking 10,000 plus.


Naturally, by Day 5, I had managed to come up with some workouts that I could do, and I want to share them with you here. I was able to put some weight on my foot, but all of my early workouts were non-weight bearing.  These workouts were *NOT* the same intensity (obviously) as I was used to, but they were sufficient to keep me moving some, and without any weight gain (during the holidays, no less!)


50 min non-weight bearing workout:

Seated “cardio” –  25 minutes (I repeated this 5 times, which took approx 25 minutes. I kept my foot elevated during this entire sequence.)

  • 25 raise the roof (both hands)
  • 50 raise the roof (alternating hands)
  • 25 punches to the right
  • 25 punches to the left
  • 50 alternating punches to the front
  • 25 side bends to each side (arms straight overhead)
  • 25 small arm circles front, then 25 to the back
  • 25 large arm circles front, then 25 to the back

Body weight circuit. Repeat each 2 times before moving on to the next circuit. Or, go through the entire circuit once, then repeat. (Repeat more than twice to extend workout).

  • Abs: (sub out any of these for your favorite crunches)
  • Lower Body:
  • Upper Body: (I used 8 lb weights. I did most of these seated, and I even elevated my leg during most of them.)
    • 15 bicep curls
    • 15 shoulder presses
    • 15 upright rows
    • 15 tricep press backs
    • 15 bent over rows each side (I stayed seated and literally bent down.)
    • 15 pushups (on knees)


Try it out and let me know what you think! What other exercises have you done when you were injured?