Ramping it Up

The time has come when shorts, tanks, dresses, and skirts are  a gal’s daily wardrobe. I turned on my AC tonight! (Let’s not even talk about swim suits).  I LOVE summer weather and clothes, BUT go through a thing every year where I am decidedly not ready to give up my jeans and cardigans. I know I’m not alone. PLUS, there’s festivals, and eating, and drinking, and birthdays, and eating, and drinking. Warm weather is happy hour weather, am I right?


Here is how I’m getting through:

1. WORKOUTS! I’m definitely keeping up my workouts with Lithe, Sgt. Nate @ Professional Touch Fitness, and running. I aim for 5-6 days a week. No excuses.

2. I am tracking things on MyFitnessPal. I’m far from perfect, and go over more days than not, but it keeps me WAY more honest than I am otherwise. And I lost a few of the winter pounds, so I’m feeling a lot better about my shorts and tank tops than I was a few weeks ago, that’s for sure.

3. I’ve been snacking on Lithe Fudge when I need a little snack. It’s rich, satisfying, and full of delicious ingredients.

4. I’ve traded some of my beloved beers for white wine. (except it’s Philly Beer Week, so not this week.)

5. I bought a few new things: cute new skirt, trendy spring jacket, striped shorts from GAP. I’m thinking of a bathing suit like this one this year: http://bit.ly/1qJpHor. I love getting a few new things and incorporating them!

6. I remember this, that I heard last night at a Beer Week event called “Beer-lesque” (Deschutes Brewery and the Peekaboo Revue Burlesque Dance Troupe): “If you were born a woman, you were born beautiful.”


How do you transition into summer wear from covering everything up in the winter?


June YIP Run to Yards

Tonight, my friend Rob and I joined the Young Involved Philadelphia (YIP) Running Club on their monthly run. The first Tuesday of each month, the group runs to a place of interest in Philadelphia, takes a tour/learns something/etc, and then goes to a bar for some drinks. It’s a pretty awesome concept. I ran with them one other time, when we did a tour of the Reading Viaduct, which is going to be turned into a park. It was *super awesome*. (I posted a bit about it here and put pictures here.)

This month, the first Tuesday falls during Philly Beer Week, so the run was organized to end at Yards Brewery (my favorite!), where you could take a tour, and we got our first beer for free! I had to babysit until 6pm, so I went home quickly and took a quick 1.2ish mile run over to Philly Runner, where the runs start. I am normally a 10+ min/mile, and I was booking it a little to get over to the store in time. Rob and I had decided to do the longer run (they usually have a 3 mile route and a 5 mile route.)

splitsIn this case, the 5 mile route were the super duper fast runners. Our route went up 16th St to Race, down Race to 5th, across the Ben Franklin Bridge and back, up to Spring Garden, and then over to the brewery. I am generally really good at pacing myself, and I knew immediately that I’d have to slow down. But I did get caught up with them at the beginning – and I also hit  every single light going down Race St. I fell behind on Race, which was fine. I was seriously struggling trying to keep pace, and when I finally hit the bridge, I slowed down A LOT going up the first part. I had already decided to only run up half of the bridge, and then back down. I was able to pick up the pace coming back down, waited for the group to come back, and then ran to the brewery at a pretty good pace.  As you can see, my splits were ALL OVER THE PLACE. But, overall, it was a really successful run in really humid weather, and I’m really happy with my overall pace considering how much I felt like I was struggling.

When I rolled into Yards, I had maybe the reddest face that I’ve ever had before. I seriously should have taken a picture. I ordered a Yards Saison, chatted with a few people, and then Rob and I started walking back home (another 2+ miles). Everyone that does the YIP runs are super friendly, and the crowd definitely overlaps with some of the other running groups in the city, so you will likely see some friendly faces if you frequent other group runs. Also worth noting is that a lot of people go by themselves, so everyone is chatty and not cliquey.

Working Out at Home

I don’t belong to a traditional gym, so when classes are cancelled due to holidays or my schedule doesn’t match up, I usually end up going for a run or doing my own workout outside. However, sometimes it’s WAY too hot. Like today. It’s almost 6:00pm in Philadelphia, but the real feel is 97 degrees!

I worked this morning til 1:45. I was going to get up super early and run, but that just didn’t happen. It was too hot to go for a run, so what’s a girl to do?

Well, lucky for me (and you), there are quite a bit of options for great at home workouts if you do a little digging. It’s not my favorite way to workout – I’m definitely a social person when it comes to getting fit, but I have compiled a few here for you that I use in a pinch.

Lithe Method has two great at home workouts on their blog that you can do if you are familiar with Lithe classes. I did the Hurricane Workout today. It took about 35 minutes and I was super sweaty at the end.

Be Well Philly has a weekly column called Be WOW – the Workout of the Week.  The ones I’ve listed below are particularly friendly to being at home inside. Free weights will help! (I got some from Amazon a couple years ago, and they come in handy!) – Find all of the Be Wow workouts here.

I also have put together a few 10 minute circuits that I pair with other things. For example, after the Hurricane Workout above, I did a 10 minute ab circuit to round out a great 45 minutes. Try one of these:

  • Abs:  20 V-Sits, 20 obliques/side crunches each side, 20 leg raises, 20 super mans – 3 times total
  • Full Body: (More like 15 minutes) – Squat Jumps, Pushups, Rear lunge to front kick, Plank to Bridge, Rowers –  4 Rounds of 20-15-10-5
  • Legs: 20 deep squats, 20 rear lunge to front kick, 20 lateral lunges (to the side), 20 fire hydrants – 3 times total

Finally, for those of you that like workout DVDs. I have and recommend the Jillian Michaels series (short and intense) and the Bob Harper videos. Some of these are also available for purchase on iTunes. And check for On Demand Workouts if you have that! (I do not.)


What indoor workouts do you like to do? Don’t let the heat be an excuse not to get a good workout in!

Vacation Workout: Hotel Gym Bootcamp

Vacation Workout: Hotel Gym Bootcamp

I took the basics of this workout from ones that we do in Ranger Training with Sgt Nate (www.sgtnate.com). I’m in Asheville, NC, and this hotel fitness area was very small,but big enough to fit this in.

I started with a 1.5 mile run on the treadmill. I started at 6.0 and increased slightly every 1/4 mile.

Then I did four rounds of the following exercises. Do 20 the first time, then 15, then 10, then 5:

– Plyos (jump squats)
– Push-ups
– Rear lunge to front kick (with the same leg that you lunged back with)
– Bridge to plank (up on 2 hands in plank and drop down to elbows and back up – that’s 1)
– Rowers (a military sit-up- I’ve described these before)

Then I finished with an easier 1 mile run.

Took about 45 minutes, plus a few extra for a cool down walk and stretching.

Express Hotel Treadmill Workout: Sprint Circuit

Express Hotel Treadmill Workout: Sprint Circuit

It was HOT yesterday, did I tell y’all that? So today, I opted for a short 25 minute treadmill workout in the fitness center. It was small, but I was still able to get a good workout in. The picture shows the end of one of my sprints.

1 min walk warm up

Circuit 1:
Sprint: 2 rounds of 45 sec sprint, 45 sec jog
Strength: 20 squats with shoulder press
20 sec plank, 20 crocodiles, 20 sec plank

Circuit 2:
Sprint: repeat above
Strength: Repeat above

Circuit 3:
Sprint: repeat above
Strength: repeat but instead of shoulder press, do tricep kickbacks

Circuit 4:
Sprint: repeat above
Strength: repeat with triceps

Circuit 5:
Sprint: repeat
1 min walk cool down

This took me 25 minutes.

I went about 8-8.5 mph when I was sprinting and 5.5 when I jogged. I went approx 1/3 mile in each round, so about 1 2/3 miles total. I used 2 15lb weights for the squats.

Make it easier: Shorter sprints, lighter weights, 10 squats instead of 20, 1 min rest in between each circuit

Make it longer/harder: 3 rounds of sprints per circuit, Add 20 push-ups per circuit after squats, Do an extra circuit, Add a .5-1 mile jog as warmup and another as cool down