This Week’s Reasons Why Life is Good

This was originally going to be a Friday thing, but I’m not good at following pointless “rules” – so it seems silly to impose them on myself.

So here is this week’s edition:

1. School is over. I have some part time summer jobs, but I’m done teaching until after Labor Day. And. It. Feels. Good.

2. Spent my first complete day off with my friend Liz at the North Shore Beach Club after a good Sleeveless class at Lithe Method. It’s not really a beach club, just a 21+ pool in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia. I am a weekday member, meaning I can go Mon-Fri and take guests for $10. Today was hot and beautiful. Almost perfect pool weather. (It was really hot). Thirty minutes after I got home today, the sky turned dark and opened up. Good timing on my part.


Image3. Did some runs last week. The one I posted, some more hills with my friend Matt. Then, I ran out to where the TriRock Philly Sprint Tri was happening to cheer on my friend Christine, who was racing.  I ended up getting to the art museum around the same time the Philly Runners left to go on their run, so ended up running 2 of the 3 miles with a fellow from that group. It was already steaming hot at 8am. I got to the transition area at West River Drive and Black Road around 8:20. I saw her come around for her two bike loops and went over to her transition as she took off for the run. I think she did fabulous. She didn’t drown, fall, die, or throw up. That’s #winning in my book. I’m definitely going to get myself a bike and do a tri with her soon. Now that I’ve seen one, it doesn’t look *quite* as intimidating.


4. Went to my first Phillies game of the season on Sunday! They lost miserably (8-0 to the freakin Mets), but we just had some drinks and enjoyed the ball park. My friend Meg recently had a birthday, so she came to Philly, and we hit up bloody marys with brunch and the game. We escaped to Xfinity shortly after a rain delay. I enjoy baseball games – even when my team is sucking.

5. I leave for vacation tomorrow! I’ll try to post some pictures and workouts that I do along the way. I’ll be gone for 9 days, and you better believe that I will work out at least 5 of those days. I am flying into Savannah, and my friend Ingela and I are going to do a little road trip. A couple days in Savannah, 1 night in Atlanta, 2 nights camping in Tennessee (white water rafting too!), 2 nights in Nashville, and 2 nights in Asheville, North Carolina. I fly out of Asheville super early on July 5.

6. Last, but not least, my cat just cuddled up into my arms, because he missed me today.


Life is good, guys. Promise.