10 Day Challenge: Recap

I made it through the 10 days with no dairy, no wheat, and no alcohol!! Overall, it wasn’t that hard, and I feel super positive about how it went. I did cheat a tad by putting half and half in my coffee if soy milk wasn’t available, but other than that – I was super good about sticking to the plan.



The first half of the challenge, I ate egg muffins.  I had 2-3 of them plus a banana.  I basically just made mini omelets in a muffin tin. They only came out to about 50 calories each, so next time I make them, I’m going to add in some turkey sausage and maybe even some quinoa to make them more filling.

Egg Muffins

Egg Muffins

The second half, I ate Overnight Oats – which I am going to write a separate post about. They are amazing.


The first half of the challenge, I ate Mediterranean  Quinoa Salad and a hard boiled egg for lunch, and some strawberries. I cooked quinoa and added wilted greens (that I roasted for a bit in the oven), a can of chopped up artichoke hearts, chopped up cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, basil leaves, and some lemon juice. It was super delicious and came out to 314 calories per serving. I cooked 1.5 cups of dry quinoa, and it made 4 servings. It was really good.

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

For the second half of the challenge, I ate two different things for lunch. First, I made curried chicken salad with mini roasted red and purple potatoes. I cooked two chicken breasts, let them cool, and ripped them into tiny pieces. Then I added eggless mayo, curry powder, and shredded cabbage and carrots. This, along with the potatoes, was my favorite. I’m making it for lunch next week too. Came out to about 500 calories for both.

I also made Red Curry with Tofu and Vegetables, that I posted about already. It was absolutely delicious. Made 5 servings. When I ate it for lunch, I took a half cup of brown rice with me. When I ate it for dinner, I had a full cup of brown rice.


I ate some different things for dinner. I ate the Red Curry Tofu and the Curried Chicken Salad with Potatoes for dinner. I had sushi a couple of times (with brown rice). I made brown rice with vegetables and black beans one night for my sister and I. I had Vietnamese one night. Sausages and veggies another night.  The key was already knowing what I was going to eat. Most of the time, it was already made ahead of time, which is also key for me. After my workout, I do *not* want to spend 30+ minutes making dinner. A major thing for me is having the brown rice already made and frozen. Smartest little trick I’ve ever come up with. Takes 2 minutes to heat up in the microwave and tastes fresh!


I ate too many chips and salsa the Saturday of the challenge. While this is technically on the plan, it is not the best choice. Most of my snacks were better planned. I had fruit, hard boiled eggs, trail mix, and peanut butter. I also bought a few “Paleo” snack bars to have on hand. I bought a couple Lara bars and Steve’s Original Paleo Crunch from Whole Foods.  Again, you just have to be prepared and have snacks that are dairy/wheat free easily available for you. I’m going to try and make my own granola bars soon!

On the Saturday night that I was following this plan, we were out of town having a campfire. We decided to make these banana boats, which are the cutest little things and can be made wheat free/dairy free.


It isn’t a secret that I exercise a lot.  I felt pretty awesome on this plan, and my running speeds were faster! I did 2 long runs of 8 miles around this time and both were fantastic. 

Day 1 (Tues): 3 mile run, 60 min Lithe Method class (Hot Legs)

Day 2 (Wed): 60 min Ranger Cross Training (with Professional Touch Fitness), ultimate frisbee game

Day 3 (Thurs): 3 mile run

Day 4 (Fri): 60 min Lithe Method class, 75 minute yoga class @ the Yoga Garden

Day 5 (Sat): 8 mile run

Day 6 (Sun): Rest

Day 7 (Mon): 60 min Ranger Cross Training

Day 8 (Tues): 2 mile run, 60 min Ranger Training Bootcamp

Day 9 (Wed): 60 min Ranger Cross Training, ultimate frisbee game

Day 10 (Thurs): Rest


Seriously, I felt awesome. My runs were stronger. I wasn’t bloated. Super regular bathroom things happening. 

I only lost 1 pound on the scale (according to the scale at the gym from 5:00 Wed 9/4 to 5:00 Wed 9/11. Mine broke, remember?).

However!! I did my measurements on 9/2 and then again on 9/12. I lost 1.25 inches from my belly button, 0.75 inches from my natural waist, 0.5 inches from my hips, 0.5 inches from my bicep. 

In 10 days! All of the bloating and grossness gone!

Some thoughts/suggestions:

1. This would be very difficult if you don’t plan ahead. I made all of my meals ahead of time, and I had little to think about it when it came time to eat them. I did eat out a few times – sushi is an easy choice (brown rice is a better option, always), and the Whole Foods bar is pretty legit if one is available to you. Make sure you have snack and meal options that are dairy and wheat free available, and the choice to eat them is a lot easier. I suggest having them in containers in your fridge already made.

2. Snacks = 1/3 cup trail mix, hard boiled eggs, dairy free smoothies, fruit (I like cutting up some different ones and making a type of fruit salad), little mini muffin type recipes that are lower in calories

3. I used My Fitness Pal to track things, but you wouldn’t really need to if you are following no wheat/no dairy I don’t think. You will have to basically eat unprocessed food, which makes it harder to rack up the calories.

4. I’m not sure if this works, because the food isn’t processed – or because it’s actually the wheat and dairy doing the damage. Either way, it works.


Going Forward

I realized how great I felt during the challenge after I ate wheat and dairy over the weekend following (a tuna wrap with cheese, some cheese and crackers, etc) and drank a decent amount – I felt pretty crappy after all of that. I was bloated and tired on Monday. So, I’ve decided to stick to the no wheat/no dairy during the week. I will *moderate* over the weekend, so that I don’t over do it and feel gross. I’m going to avoid alcohol for the most part during the week, though a couple beers here and there won’t hurt. This weekend, I’m going to Garces Trading Company on Friday for Restaurant Week. I’m sure I will eat copious amounts of wheat and dairy, so I am going to avoid it on Saturday. Plus, I’m running a race (Sloppy Cuckoo 6.55 mile trail race) on Sunday, so I want to ensure that I am properly fueled!


Final Thoughts:

Those “crazy” people who I thought were being overly diet conscious? (Looking at you Jason, Thai, and Len). Oh – they most definitely know what they are talking about!!  Especially the cross-fit ones. No, I’m not giving up grains in general. No, I’m not going 100% in – but I definitely feel better and perform better without the stuff. I can save my wheat and dairy for the weekends.  I’m super glad I tried this, and I encourage and challenge you to cut out wheat and dairy (and alcohol if you choose) for 10 days and see how you feel.