On Being 30

I turned 30 last month, and while I absolutely know that none of these things happened overnight – I do feel like some things are just different than they used to be. When did this happen? I’m not sure, really.



1. If I drink anything the night before, there’s a 80% chance that I will have a headache the next day. Now, it will be of varying degrees, but the headache, my friends, will be there. And if I’m actually hungover? I don’t feel totally better until the next day.

2. So many weddings. So many babies. [and I really am happy for them all]

3. I’ve always been super social with a big friend circle, and while that hasn’t changed, my outlook on those friendships has changed greatly. I find that I spend A LOT more time focusing on developing closer friendships with specific people and less time worrying about trying to be everything to everyone.  I’m grateful for all types of friendships, and I am starting to appreciate the differences between them rather than trying to force them to all fit into the same mold.

4. I need a lot more sleep than I used to need.

5. I like to host things. Brunches, small parties (like NYE), holidays. Nothing too big or too crazy, but I like having people over in my space.

6. I prefer to be in bed by 12 on the weekends (okay let’s be honest, 11.) [Side note: this has not been happening lately, and I need to get back on track with my early bedtimes. See #4.]

7. I wake up early on the weekends. I NEVER used to. I can still go back to sleep a lot of the time, but I definitely wake up before 8, which can be problematic if I go to bed late. See #6.

8. My finances aren’t amazing, admittedly, but they are in a way better place than they were for most of my 20s.[pro tip: don’t spend more than you earn.]


I’ll be adding on to this list in the future, but what’s on your #thisis30 list?