Southeast Asia!

Hello from Ko Samui in Thailand!! I have been traveling for almost 2 weeks and have managed to get in a few actual workouts in hotel rooms and a couple super active days filled with biking or temple exploring.
We have also had quite a few days where we weren’t so active – because we were on a boat or traveling. Today, we laid around at the beach all day, but we are staying at an awesome resort with a fitness center (with equipment that includes free weights and TRX bands) in addition to the ample room we have in our two bedroom villa that has a private pool. Since our next stop after this is roughing it at a floating hotel with no electricity, I’m going to try and get in a bunch of good workouts here.

Today, I took advantage of the free weights in the gym and did a sweaty 35 minute circuit I pinned from Fitnessista. Check out her blog… It’s fabulous!

I will definitely feel this tomorrow! Let me know if you try it out! It can also be modified if you do not have weights by doing tricep dips not extensions and subbing incline push-ups for overhead press.



Beach Workouts!

Last weekend, I was in Cape May for a gorgeous wedding! It was a ton of fun. I spent the whole weekend there, which was fabulous. I had some beach time, did some window shopping, made it to Lobster House for drinks, went to Cape May Brewery, and, of course, the wedding. The brewery was really good! It’s only a few years old, and I was pleasantly surprised with all of the beers that I tried! There were a bunch – and all so good! My favorite were the Saison and the Devil’s Reach. It was a really nice little getaway. We stayed in an apartment that had beds for 5, and only cost $250 a night! And as for the wedding? I’m so happy for Vinny and Cassie – and they threw one awesome party complete with tater tots, cornbread pork belly sliders, tons of dancing, good booze, and a beautiful setting!

Cape May Brewery!

Cape May Brewery!

Wedding and Beach Fun!

Wedding and Beach Fun!



View From My Run!

Jess and I even managed to get in a couple workouts while we were there. Saturday morning we took a 40 min-ish run. We ran along the beach promenade for a little over 1.5 miles before turning away from the water and running through the island. It was warm, but there was a great breeze. We probably ran about 3.5 miles, and it was a perfect way to start the day. We finished withiced coffee and bagels at this adorable coffee shop called Ellie’s, next to the cheese shop in West Cape May. They make them fresh there, and she was very proud to tell us that the boil and bake them – “just like they do in New York.”

Lithe Escape Style!

Lithe Escape Style!

Sunday morning, we got up and ran to the beach (only like 3 blocks away), and I took Jess through a Lithe workout! Working out on the sand certainly adds something to the double jacks and plyos and reach and pulls! We did a cardio – barre – cardio – barre – fold over work series that took about 40 minutes. My pictures don’t look awesome (the sun was in my eyes, and I look a little special in some of them!), but it was a great place to Lithe! I could get used to that! Again, perfect perfect start to the day!

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Looking Back

I’ve been thinking about this post for the past few days. I have been trying to figure out exactly what kind of year 2013 was, and I think that I’ve come to the conclusion that it was a fine year. Nothing life changing, just a good, solid year.


  • Travel: In the spring, I went to Savannah with my sister to visit Ingela. I had the pleasure of doing a road trip with Ingela a few months later from Savannah through Atlanta, camping and white water rafting in Tennessee, to Nashville (LOVED), and ending in Asheville, NC. Then in July, I traveled to the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State with my friend Elisa to go to Emily and Aaron’s wedding. It is truly an amazing place. You should all go there.
  • Fitness: Still was trucking along with Sgt Nate, and I started regularly taking classes at Lithe Method when I got a part time job there in JuneI ran 3 5Ks (Cupid 5K, Manayunk 5K, Turkey Trot 5K), a 4 mile race, a 10K, a 6.55 mile trail race, and a half marathon. I got a PR on the 10K (1:00:11!), and I got 4th place in my division in the trail race! Started incorporating a little hill and speed work into my runs with Matt, and I got back to some regular-ish yoga classes after I injured my IT band. And I almost forgot that I joined an ultimate frisbee team!
  • Food: I did a 10 day real food challenge in September with no wheat, dairy, or alcohol and felt great. I have cut back on dairy, since I feel a lot better without it. Started “eating normally” and not obsessing about the scale. I am so much happier this way, let me tell you!
  • Personal: One of the biggest things I tried to work on since the summer of 2013 was to focus on building more meaningful relationships with my friends. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful, wide friend circle in Philly. In the past, I had been focusing a lot of attention on “being friends with everyone” and not enough attention on actually trying to build deeper relationships with people. I haven’t stopped being friends with people, just have refocused my energies a bit. It’s always a balance, but determining when to give a little more and when to let go is an important skill in life, especially pertaining to relationships.
  • Resolutions Revisit: 
    • 1.) Do something new every month: I kept up with this for the most part, but I did miss a month or two. Some things I did: tried new restaurants and new fitness studios, made pad thai, took a swim class,  Savannah Slow Ride, Burlesque class, trussed a chicken, sea kayaked, rode a Scoute Coup, went to Nashville and the San Juan Islands (and lot of other new places), hiked the Rickett’s Glen loop, played on an ultimate frisbee team with PSN, volunteered at Blocktoberfest, and sang live band karaoke.
    • 2.) Stop weighing myself so much: Took me almost all year, but I was eventually successful with just a couple of hiccups (when my scale broke!)
    • 3.) Drink less!: Okay, so I didn’t *really* manage to do this one, but I have at least made peace with it.


Looking Forward 

  • Resolutions:
    • When I eat meals at restaurants, try to always include a fruit or vegetable with the meal.
    • Include a mentally/physically restorative workout into my routine at least once a week (yoga, tai-chi, etc) – even if I do this at home.
    • Keep in better touch with my friends who live outside of Philly. This means that I will email/call them once a month.
  • Goals: [not really resolutions, but things I’d like to accomplish]
    • Run a half marathon trail race
    • Run a the 15K Hot Chocolate Run in April
    • Save money for my trip to SE Asia this summer
    • Sgt Nate’s 2 week nutrition challenge in January with no cheats!
    • Take more trips to Baltimore to visit college friends.


I may update and add to my goals list, but I think this is a solid start.

What are your resolutions/goals for 2014?

View from my Run(s)

As you know, my running partner, Matt, has a fabulous blog, where he posts many things, including views from his runs. Now, I’m not nearly as good at taking pictures WHILE running as he is. He snaps away without breaking his stride, and I have to pause to snap one – which he nicely captured in my banner picture.  I took 4 runs on my recent week long vacation – some of which he posted over on his blog – here. Running is one my favorite ways to see a new place!

San Juan Island – Roche Harbor

We're not in Philadelphia anymore.

San Juan Island – We’re not in Philadelphia anymore.

San Juan Island – Friday Harbor

San Juan Island – That’s me!

San Juan Island – Friday Harbor

The Market is still quiet.

Seattle – The Market is still quiet.

Seattle – Myrtle Edwards Park

Overlooking the Sound and the Olympic Mountains

Seattle – Overlooking the Sound and the Olympic Mountains


Seattle – Myrtle Edwards Park

Running on San Juan Island


San Juan Island is about 2 hours north of Seattle, then another hour ferry off the coast. It’s gorgeous. I thought I was going on a 3-4 mile run, but turns out I ended up running almost 6. I was running on empty – little sleep, little water, little food – from traveling for 13 hours! The run was hilly and hard, but so glad that I ran! Longest run since March!

22 miles and Dogfish Head Brewery

ImageI spent the past few days at Bethany Beach with sister, Jess, and our lovely friend Lilah. Lilah and her high school friends have a pretty impressive tradition of going to Bethany each year, and I was thrilled to be a part of it this time around.

On Tuesday, a couple of others wanted to ride to Rehoboth Beach – about 10-12 miles each way. I hadn’t EVER ridden a bike more than a few miles at a time, and frankly – I’m pretty scared of cars. However, I put on my big girl pants, rented a hybrid for $25 for the day, and off we went down Route 1 toward Rehoboth. I think it took us about an hour, and it was pretty freakin awesome!


Once we got there, we bee-linedphoto it straight for Dogfish Head Brew Pub for refreshments. I had some delicious Namaste and split a sampler with other delicious things like the 90 minute and My Antonia.


We got distracted by skee ball and the haunted house, so left a little late to make it back to the house before dark. We survived, but let’s just say that the last mile or so on Route 1 was a *tad* scary.

It was my first *ever* long distance bike ride, and I loved it! Where is your favorite place to bike?


Vacation Workout: Hotel Gym Bootcamp

Vacation Workout: Hotel Gym Bootcamp

I took the basics of this workout from ones that we do in Ranger Training with Sgt Nate ( I’m in Asheville, NC, and this hotel fitness area was very small,but big enough to fit this in.

I started with a 1.5 mile run on the treadmill. I started at 6.0 and increased slightly every 1/4 mile.

Then I did four rounds of the following exercises. Do 20 the first time, then 15, then 10, then 5:

– Plyos (jump squats)
– Push-ups
– Rear lunge to front kick (with the same leg that you lunged back with)
– Bridge to plank (up on 2 hands in plank and drop down to elbows and back up – that’s 1)
– Rowers (a military sit-up- I’ve described these before)

Then I finished with an easier 1 mile run.

Took about 45 minutes, plus a few extra for a cool down walk and stretching.